Sean Iles & Lesley Jenkins, Australia - December 30th, 2009
"Great 1st night in India. Thank you."

Matt Lodder & Rachel Payne, United Kingdom December 30th, 2009
"Very peaceful. Thank you."

Sangitha, Shankar, Malaika & Siddharth, India December 27th, 2009
"Terrific hospitality, warm people. A treasure find. Will come back here for many years, hopefully!"

Harriet Worthington & John Considine, United Kingdom December 26th, 2009
"Very relaxing. Thank you."

Britt Haselbach, Germany December 26th, 2009
"We really enjoyed staying with you and are happy to return. Will tell our friends."

Shyam, Sachin & Abhijit, India December 24th, 2009
"Thanks for the homely ambience. Hope to stay with you again!!"

Jon & Ali Moss, USA December 23rd, 2009
"What a wonderful stay! A great stop on our honeymoon. Thanks!!"

Jessica Kristin & Lisa, Canada December 23rd, 2009
"Beautiful place and very friendly staff. Thank you for such excellent hospitality."

The Steiners, Switzerland December 23rd, 2009
"Thank you for the clean room and stay."

Suzanne & Richard Swan, USA December 21st, 2009
"Wonderful place and people!"

Pintoo & Krishna Datta, United Kingdom December 21st, 2009
"A lovely stay. Thank you! Thank you for looking after us when Pintoo wasn't well. Excellent caring staff and all the comforts you could ask for."

Paolo Codeluppi, France December 20th, 2009
"Short but lovely!"

Jane Andrews, United Kingdom December 15th, 2009
"Thank you for all your help in sorting out my travel arrangements."

Antje & Ralf Discher, Germany - December 14th, 2009
"Such a lovely place with warm welcoming people and excellent breakfast."

Byron, Carmel, Alexandra & Liam Caroll, Australia - December 10th, 2009
"A wonderful place to commence our India trip. Great facilities, very friendly staff. Thank you so much!"

Rebecca Handler & Charlie Robinson, United Kingdom December 6th, 2009
"This is such a welcoming and tastefully furnished place. We really enjoyed our stay here - one of the highlights of our trip to India. Thank you!"

Diya Lahiri, United Kingdom December 6th, 2009
"Came back to Chennai a day early just to stay an extra night here. Thanks to Rucha and her staff for their wonderful hospitality."

Paul & Marie-Rose Folmer, Luxembourg - December 3rd, 2009
"Last day in India. Wonderful stay."

Sandra Passini, Italy - December 1st, 2009
"***** Bello Bellissimo!"

Ian & Anne Swankie, United Kingdom - November 29th, 2009
"Five star service! We had a wonderful time here!"

Aneeta Mahadevan, United Kingdom November 26th, 2009
"Had a lovely stay. Good location. Very comfortable and good staff."

Dr. Shahidul Alam, India November 24th, 2009
"Delightful stay."

R.H. McClose, England - November 24th, 2009
"Very well received and very comfortable. Thank you."

Chiara Nath, India -  November 19th, 2009
"Great staff!"

R.J. Vasudevan, California, USA - November 10th, 2009
"Very comfortable stay. The support team led by Radhakrishnan was outstanding."

Sherishnie McDonald, South Africa October 31st, 2009
"Clean and comfortable stay. Thanks."

Pushkala & Vijay Atri, USA October 22nd, 2009
"Excellent stay. Clean rooms, good service. Enjoyed our short stay. Will definitely recommend to others."

Donn Colby, Vietnam October 13th, 2009
"Nice place and stay in Chennai. Thanks!"

Theresa Chen, USA October 12th, 2009
"Great! Thanks!"

Wan Siu, USA October 9th, 2009
"Nice. Thank you!!"

Alex & Emily Keen, United Kingdom October 7th, 2009
"Excellent service and surroundings."

Rob Verboven, Netherlands October 4th, 2009
"9 out of 10!!"

Eyal Mazig, Israel October 2nd, 2009

Zita Tallat-Kelpsaite, Lithuania September 30th, 2009
"Very nice! Thanks!"

S.V.Himmatsingka, India September 28th, 2009
"Very nice! Thanks!"

Priya Gobi, Jane, Vimala, & Santhi, Malaysia September 24th, 2009
"Great stay, good food, helpful staff, clean peaceful ambience. Excellent stay, wonderful and peaceful place. To be recommended to friends!"

Prema & Murali, UAE September 21st, 2009
"Thank you. Nice place."

Jani, Graham & Warren Greving, USA September 17th, 2009
"Our first Chennai home. Thanks for everything! Wonderful staff!"

Mr & Mrs Srinivasan, Australia September 12th, 2009
"Very good value. Peaceful. Very good."

Amirtharaj, India - September 10th, 2009
"Made our stay enjoyable. Thanks people."

Leslie Wade, UK - September 10th, 2009
"Really enjoyed. Helpful staff. Will recommend to others."

David Murdoch, Australia - September 7th, 2009
"A haven amidst the big city bustle!"

Anthony De Andrade, Spain - September 5th, 2009
"A home away from home. Well run, nice people, and great food!"

Guruprasad & Family, India August 31st, 2009
"Very nice and cosy place. Friendly staff and owners!!"

Jason Swamy, Hong Kong July 19th to August 26th, 2009

Suresh Kumar, India August 23rd, 2009
"Very warm and friendly service - excellent!"

Maric, Patricia & Thierry Loison, France August 22nd, 2009
"Very comfortable and very nice place."

Dirk Deneweth, Belgium August 21st, 2009
"Excellent stay - well done."

Andras Puskas, Australia August 2nd-21st, 2009
"Thanks for the service."

Maurice Liyanage, Sri Lanka August 20th, 2009
"Excellent stay and outstanding hospitality by Radha and the team. We have no hesitation in recommending Footprint to anyone. Best wishes and good luck. We really enjoyed the Indian breakfast."

Meenakshi Thapan & Jayshree Mathur, India August 16th, 2009
"Excellent, warm, comfortable, hospitable."

Elena Gimenez & Fernando de Otto, Spain August 13th, 2009
"Wonderful place!! Nice people!! Everything goes perfect here!"

Grandrieux & Nyugen Kim, France August 10th, 2009
"So wonderful and a very nice service. Adored it."

Mitu Verma, India August 10th, 2009
"Very pleasant and nice. Thank you."

Sanjay Barbora, India August 10th, 2009
"Great experience. Thanks."

Sanjib Baruah, India August 9th, 2009
"Nice and pleasant place and great location."

K. Visweswaran, India August 9th, 2009
"Wonderful experience. Thank you."

Mitia & Mahrukh Saleh, Bangladesh August 7th, 2009
"Thank you for making our stay so comfortable. Nice place, good food, and warm service. Wish you all the best."

Rajiv Philip & Sherine, Kuwait August 4th, 2009
"We enjoyed the ambience of this place; every small thing had a personal touch. It had a very homely atmosphere. Thank you very much."

Heidi Bardot, Lisa Garlock & 15 George Washington University students, USA July 8th to 30th, 2009
"This was our first trip to India and we brought 15 students for a class. Everyone at Footprint was helpful with all of our requests and questions. Home away from home for 3 weeks!"

Salman Sait, India July 27th, 2009
"Very nice place and service. Enjoyed our stay!"

Christina & Sujay, India July 20th, 2009
"Very nice rooms and great service."

Iftekhar Ahsan, Calcutta Walks (http://www.calcuttawalks.com) July 13th, 2009
"Wonderful homely atmosphere. Ashish & Rucha have made themselves an indispensable part of Chennai..."

Kumara & Shyamala Das, India July 11th, 2009
"Just wanted to say thank you for your great hospitality and warmth and kindness. Having such a wonderful and comfortable place to stay in helped us to survive our missing document drama, and turned it into a nice little adventure that we thoroughly enjoyed! And it was very kind of you to give us that rebate on the room rent. It was a very thoughtful gesture that my husband and i really appreciated. 
And i must tell you that your staff is also very good. Both Radha and Biju were a perfect blend of helpfulness and unobtrusiveness, and did all they could to make our stay comfortable. Do give them my thanks once again.
Wish you all the very best, Rucha. May you grow from strength to strength!"

K.H. Ong, Singapore July 8th, 2009
"Excellent place."

Ranjeet Oak, Singapore July 6th, 2009
"Excellent place - like home and even better."

N. Chandran, India July 4th, 2009
"Excellent staff, very courteous, and well maintained. Thanks you."

Jana Liptak, United Kingdom July 1st, 2009
"Best stay in India! Thanks for everything!!"

Balachandran Menon, India June 23rd, 2009
"Excellent staff and very good ambience. Have suggested to more people."

Captain Ganahadi, India June 22nd, 2009

Eddie Boczek, Australia June 20th, 2009

Mei Polunin, Spain June 20th, 2009
"Comfortable, excellent breakfast, great room."

Karla Peek, USA June 20th, 2009
"Excellent accommodation. Will recommend."

Gurpreet Bhatia, India May 23rd, 2009
"Great service. Viju and his team are very friendly."

Gopinath Parayil, The Blue Yonder, India June 18th, 2009
"Most comfortable and homely stay in Chennai."

Karen Stigsen, Denmark June 18th, 2009
"Thanks Rucha and staff. Excellent. Excellent!"

Prit Parekh, India June 15th, 2009
"Good stay."

Ravi Acharya, India June 14th, 2009
"Very courteous staff. Had a good stay."

Loraine Kennedy, France June 12th, 2009
"Very pleasant B&B. Quiet & unassuming. The staff are discreet and friendly. My only suggestion - please serve South Indian filter coffee at breakfast (not instant). Thanks."

A.S. Prasad, India June 10th, 2009
"Great place. Good people. Will recommend to colleagues and friends."

K.H. Ong, Singapore June 10th, 2009
"Nice place. Great service."

Arturo Calvete, Spain June 9th, 2009
"I was made to feel just like at home! Thank you."

Per Danielsson, Sweden June 7th, 2009
"Thanks for a nice stay and excellent service!"

Ari Gudmundsson, Sweden June 7th, 2009
"A nice place."

Richard Harvey, Dubai June 6th, 2009
"Nice place to stay."

Ravindra Chandwari, India June 5th, 2009
"Extremely well organised."

Jade Evans, UK June 4th, 2009
"Excellent place. Clean, friendly, great service, comfy + good neighbours."

Eldar Manor, India June 4th, 2009
"Great experience. Thank you!"

Adi Shimrony, Israel May 31st, 2009
"Thank you!"

Gurpreet Bhatia, India May 23rd, 2009
"Great service. Viju and his team are very friendly."

Darla Woodwood, USA May 21st, 2009
"Good service. Great place!"

Ishika Kawiratne, India - May 16th, 2009
"Will definitely come back. Thank you."

The Khosla's, New Delhi, India - May 8th, 2009
"Great stay at a comfortable place with good people."

Thorsten Lutkenholter, Norway - May 7th, 2009
"Great and pleasant stay. Hope to be back soon."

Savithri, Bangalore, India - May 6th, 2009
"Pleasant stay."

Dev Ramchandani, India - May 1st, 2009
"Nice people, nice library, nice food...wonderful place to live."

Aftab Ahmed, India April 30th, 2009
"Wonderful place. Wonderful people. Like my house."

Dennis & Jelena, Andaman Islands April 28th, 2009
"We had a really nice ending here at Footprint - internet, AC, hot shower, wow. That was amazing. Thank you so so much for this great time and continue doing such a great job here."

Carol O'Gorman, Ireland April 26th, 2009
"Good stay thanks. Shower in room 5 needs some attention but otherwise all fine."

Deepak Nath, India April 23rd, 2009
"Clean, efficient, staff is polite - excellent."

Sarah Slitine, Paris, France April 19th, 2009
"Wonderful house and stay, great breakfast and comfortable beds. Thanks to Radha!"

Annette Scareine, London, United Kingdom April 18th, 2009
"A very civilised and homely place to stay - I'll recommend it. Thanks."

Sonali & Mukti Campion, Dr Mukalika Banerjee & Benjamin Dix, United Kingdom April 15th, 2009
"Very nice - far too short a stay to enjoy the homeliness."

Peter & Jeannine Saunders, United Kingdom April 14th, 2009
"Ideal overnight stop. Thank you for the 4 excellent shopping addresses. Found three nice pieces of cotton material as I was looking for. Very comfortable room and pleasant service."

Laura Golden, United Kingdom April 11th, 2009
"Thank you very much. We enjoyed our stay."

Christophe et Gaelle, France April 9th, 2009
"Thank you for your very warm welcome in your hotel. Of all the places in India, the stay here has been very nice. Best regards."

John McVeagh, Sweden April 8th, 2009
"Very nice place to stay. Great breakfast, nice people."

Reena Stamets, Bangalore April 4th, 2009
"We had a lovely stay. All the arrangements Rucha made - physical set-up of the room, gestures, the services of the staff - spoke of thoughtfulness and kindness We enjoyed meeting you and Ashish."

Freya Stamets, Bangalore April 3rd, 2009
"I wish I could live here or stay forever. There is a place in Singapore called the Somerset. Footprint is just the same!"

Tristan Stamets, Bangalore April 3rd, 2009
"Wonderful room - very clean, hot shower, close to everything, helpful staff. Wish I could live here."

Tracee Porter, Australia March 31st, 2009
"Wonderful place. Very helpful - thank you."

Jennifer Georgeson & Deepak Verma, India March 26th, 2009
"Comfort of home - very nice!"

Scott & Nancy Thompson, Saudi Arabia/USA March 25th, 2009
"Great place - great service."

Hemamalini Maiya, India March 23rd, 2009
"Very comfortable."

Boaz Arbe, Israel March 18th, 2009
"Very good."

Cynthia & Stephen Bettany, United Kingdom March 18th, 2009
"Very comfortable, very friendly, excellent stay."

Ariane & Michel Sixt, Switzerland March 16th, 2009
"A very nice place, lovely and clean rooms, kind people - a place to be recommended."

Jill Stucker, USA March 12th, 2009
"Lovely stay, cozy atmosphere."

Dr. C. Kalpakidis, Greece March 10th, 2009
"Lovely place; superfriendly staff!"

David Morris, USA March 7th, 2009
"Clean and convenient."

Adrian Sanoesi, Indonesia March 7th, 2009
"Good and nice room."

Goh Yu Shen, Singapore March 6th, 2009
"The best!"

Walter Laurer, Austria March 6th, 2009
"Great stay and place. Thank you. I'll come again."

Gonzalo Suarez Castro, Spain March 4th, 2009
"Wonderful stay. Incredible people. Thanks."

Fernando Lemd Guerro, Spain March 3rd, 2009
"Incredible place!! Wonderful!! Excellent crew!! I hope return here!!"

Mr & Mrs Svenja Mohr March 2nd, 2009
"Good value for money - clean!"

Greg McMillan, Australia March 1st, 2009
"A pleasure to have stayed here...I will come back."

Dr. Purabi Bose, Kolkata, India March 1st, 2009
"Excellent service and accommodation!."

Maria Lobo, India March 1st, 2009
"Loved the place - great balance of simplicity & well taken care of. Staff good."

Peter & Joanna Strauss, USA February 28th, 2009
"Superb accommodation!."

Robert Baeneux, Lyon, France - February 25th, 2009
"Original, the best. Overall good stay."

Lydia Ng, Hong Kong - February 19th, 2009
"Very pleasant stay. Felt safe and cared for."

Reiji Tanimura, Japan - February 17th, 2009
"We stayed at Footprint for a couple of nights and we really enjoyed it."

Miriam, Australia - February 16th, 2009
"It was great, clean and amazing service."

Eric Sueret, France - February 15th, 2009
"Loved the place! Will be back..."

Murad & Purvi, Kenya - February 12th, 2009
"Wonderful, peaceful, clean - warm staff. Thanks!"

Olivier Bonnaffoux, France - February 8th, 2009
"First three days in India and an extraordinary welcome. The trip could not have started better. Thanks for everything."

M. Narayan, India - February 4th, 2009
"Excellent. Enjoyed our stay thoroughly. Best of the best."

Vijay Ravipati, India January 31st, 2009
"Good. Very relaxing."

John Pitman, Australia January 31st, 2009
"Very relaxing and calming. Very comfortable stay."

Karin Kristensen, Denmark January 31st, 2009
"I loved it! Very friendly guests, great guests, beautiful and serene room."

Karen Vallgarde & Thomas + Asta, Denmark January 29th, 2009
"Thanks so much for your amazing hospitality, generosity, flexibility and friendliness. Also thanks to Radha and Viju - wonderful caretakers! We will definitely stay here the next time as well. All best to to all of you."

Anne Obadic & Bernadette & Corinna, France / Brazil January 27th, 2009
"We had started and finished our trip in India at this nice place. We thank you Rucha for your charming welcome. Long life to your homestay. Come to visit us in France soon."

Jacquet Paille Guerchet, France January 26th, 2009
"Wonderful. Its really very nice. Thanks."

Jelena & Dennis, Andaman Islands, India January 25th, 2009
"This place is heaven. Cosy beds and hot showers!"

Prafulla Pisolkar, India January 17th, 2009
"Nice, very comfortable and homely."

Mari Cobb, USA January 16th, 2009
"Comfy bed. Nice common area. Great staff. Will recommend."

Sagar Gurung & Julia Ashfield, Nepal/Australia January 11th, 2009
"Lovely, just amazing!! Thank you."

Carrie Krischer & Aaron Mandel, USA January 10th, 2009
"Great place, great staff. Amazing."

Atul Prakash, India January 9th, 2009
"Very neat and clean. Good place."

Andrew Jackness & Candice Donnelly, USA January 9th, 2009
"Terrific, quiet, attentive and lovely!"

Raymond Toh, Singapore January 7th, 2009
"Wonderful place & excellent service. Hope to be back."

Jason Pipe, United Kingdom January 6th, 2009

Kevin Laxton & Anne Tyrrell, United Kingdom January 6th, 2009
"Ideal place. Nice room. Helpful advice. Thanks."

The Hendry Family, United Kingdom January 4th, 2009
"Calm, calm, calm. Thanks for the help and advice."

Shirley Lam, Hong Kong January 2nd, 2009
"Thank you so much for everything!"

Lynda Byers, USA January 1st, 2009
"Excellent accommodation. Very good service and peaceful!"

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